How Much Is a Two Headed Quarter Worth?


A two headed quarter is worth £6.34.
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Unless it's a genuine mistake that occurred in the mint, it's probably worth a few bucks at most. Two-headed quarters are often sold in magic and gag gift shops. See the Related Links
This is a novelty item manufactured from two quarters. It may have some
1. Inspect the ridges of the quarter with a magnifying glass. Look for any irregularities or mismatched ridges - ridges that don't seem to be straight from top to bottom. Look for
So-called Magician's coins (double headed or double tailed) are not produced by the mint. You can buy a very convincing looking coin (penny, nickel, dime, or quarter) at any magic
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Interesting question! If it is uncirculated or proof and is in it's original mint packaging, it may be worth between seventy-five cents and two dollars. ...
A quarter with the president's heads on both sides is not a real spendable coin and not produced by the United States Mint. These coins are referred to as magicians ...
The 1909 Barber Quarter is worth $5 to $530 depending on what type of Quarter it is. The 1909 and 1909 D are worth from $5 to $142. The 1909 O and 1909 S are worth ...
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