How Much Is a UK Adult Passport?


If you have never been issued a child passport in the UK, then the first adult UK standard passport would cost £77.50. There is no One-week Fast Track service option in this scenario. However, if you are renewing your passport then it can be done in a week by using the Fast Track option. For more information about UK Adult Passports, check the charts at the UK DirectGov website:
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A UK adult passport costs £77.50 for a standard 32-page passport valid for ten-years. This excludes an additional £8.17 handling charge, to pay to the Post Office. However, it is important to note that individuals born on or before 2 September 1929 will get a passport free of charge.
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To determine how much a UK Passport will cost you, you will need to go to UK's government website and click on their passport information link. You can find more information here:
1. Acquire a passport application renewal form. There are three ways that you can get the application form: you can pick up the application from a post office branch, request that
Here's a link to the passport office with all the fees listed.…. Basic fee is £72.50.
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A British adult passport would cost approximately £77.50. It is inclusive of the passport as well as the interview. ...
It depends on which country you wish to apply for a passport. For example, in UK if you have never been issued a child passport of the country, then the first ...
An adult passport costs £77.50 which includes the passport and interview ...
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