How Much Is a Used iPhone 3g Worth?


The iPhone 3G has a 2 megapixel camera with 1600x1200 pixels andstandard Li-Ion battery with a stated up to 10 hours talk time and up to 300 hours stand-by. A used iphone 3g is worth £299.95.
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The price depends on many factors and where you sell it. If you buy it in Craigslist, then you may get it cheaper. If you buy it in Ebay, then you would have to pay for shipping.
You can look at about 250-300 for a used 8GB 3G iPhone, and 350-400 on a
I am not 100% on this, but I would assume the first to use the final product would be either Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ive.
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The cost of iPhone 3g varies with the number of GB such as the cost of 8GB is ?419. ...
The iphone 3g is sold at different prices. I bought mine for 99 dollars because I also started a contract with the phone company. If you dont get a contract, It ...
The cost of 16GB 3G iPhone varies from shop to shop and the make., an online shop, is an example that sells the phone at £289.99. ...
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