How much is a used psp at gamestop?


In my own experience, used PSP games at Gamestop vary greatly in price. You can find them really cheap ($2.99-9.99) for older games. Newer games will many times run you close to the price of a new game.
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From what I know, the prices for used PSPs at a local Gamestop will vary depending on location and the condition of the system. The best thing to do is to call or visit your local Gamestop.
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The price of a PSP at GameStop depends on what version of the console you buy. You can find refurbished PSP consoles for around $99, and new consoles for $160 or more.
PSP 3000 System Recharged Refurbished sell for $99.99 and they do not sell a unrefurbished PSP. but the PSP 1000 models are only $79.99. Amazon has a like new PSP 3000 core pack system
You can get a used PSP for around $100 dollars at most GameStop locations.
At Gamestop it is 199 dollars used. Trade in some games and get it for cheaper than that!
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The cost of a used PSP at Gamestop varies by PSP model. As of December 2012 the cost for this game console is between $49.99 and $79.99. Gamestop sells gaming ...
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