How much is a used xbox 360 worth?


A used Microsoft Xbox 360 will vary in value based on which console it is. The basic console with the small drive is worth about 150 dollars. The bundled or limited edition systems can bring anywhere from 225 to 275 dollars based on condition. The basic Xbox with the large drive will bring in about $200 dollars. hope those figures help you out.
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It really Depends what condition it's in and were you are selling it, for example if it's in good condition and what not i would try selling it at like 180 bucks. that's just my estimate
The Xbox 360 System with Wired Controller is selling through gamestop for $160, if you
1. To starting burning your xbox 360 games using your mac open up x360 ISO Hacker. Insert your original Xbox 360 game you want to copy. Click the Copy tab and you need to change a
It depends on the type, age, and size of the hard drive; if it's included. Arcade (No hard drive) $50. Pro (60 GB hard drive) $75-100. Elite (120 GB hard drive) $100-150. Slim (250
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