How much is a wii at gamestop?


The Nintendo wii at gamestop will cost you $129.99. This is for a gamestop refurbished system. They also have used systems for 120 dollars. These will have all the same stuff as a new system.
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Probably about $150 for a new one.
Damn 100$ i got mine for 150$ at best buy but that was on xmas.
Not Financial Advice: Wii Remote Controller costs $29.99 at GameStop, new or used. It is currently unavailable online.
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How much a wii costs at gamestop depends on whether or not you are buying new or used. If you are looking to purchase a new wii, it will be $199.00 plus tax. ...
A Wii costs about $130.00 at GameStop, if you're looking to buy a used one. You can also buy a new one for about $200.00. So you can save about $70.00, if you're ...
If you trade in Wii Sports Resort to Gamestop, most likely the most money you would get, would be about $25, an it would probably be given back in store credit. ...
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