How much is a 1965 Winston Churchill coin worth?


As of April 2014, the value of a 1965 Winston Churchill commemorative coin varies from about $6 to $13 on average. The condition of the coin affects the price.

The Winston Churchill Commemorative coin is a crown, which is five shillings. The coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a portrait of Churchill on the other. The coin is legal tender, although there is no statement to this effect on the coin itself. The coin shows Churchill facing to the right and wearing a siren suit, a one-piece garment that is associated with the second World War.

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Maybe £5 tops. This website below is selling lots of them in the complete package and in good condition. If yours is damaged or something then it'll be worth less. Source(s)
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I have 2 Churchill Crowns, how much do you think they maybe worth.The first coin has a Churchill on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the other with 1965.The Sec
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Following the death of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, in 1965, a commemorative crown was issued in his honour and memory. Distribution of the coins began ...
A churchill 1965 coin worth twenty-five pence. ...
The 1965 quarter coin is worth between 0.6 to 3 pounds ($1.00 to $6.00). The coin was designed by John Flanagan and weighs approximately 5.7 grams. The outer layers ...
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