How Much Is a WW2 German Luger Worth?


As with any collectible , there are many factors to consider when placing a value on an item. For a German Luger you will need to consider it's condition, the model and year, it's caliber, serial numbers on the parts as well as it's straw color.The value on thee guns vary widely and cannot be determined with out more detail and knowledge of them.
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I use to give value quotes from a gun Blue Book. But I have found the prices published are sometimes 2 years old. Now-a-days real time gun values are hard to determine because of
The period between WWI & WWII Luger P08 was manufactured in non-standard 7.65mm
value depends on overall condition. send some pics and I'll try to help.
S42 is Code for MAUSER.. As discribed...Worth $400.00 to $900.00.. Not enough information supplied to give any better evaluation....Best... Captain Kirk, Tech
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