How Much is a Yard of Material?


By literal definition, a yard of material will be nine feet squared - 36x36 inches. However, when you are buying fabric from a store, the length of the bolt of material will vary. One dimension of a store bought yard of fabric must always be 36 inches, or it cannot be considered a yard - but the other dimension could be 45, or even 60, inches.

The good news is that you almost always get more for your money when buying at a store; the bad news is that you will often have to cut the other dimension yourself if you do require a true yard of fabric.
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A yard of material is the same as having three feet or 36 inches of material. Most places that you buy material from will measure it for you.
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1. Measure both the length and the width (in feet) of the area to be covered by the material. 2. Calculate the area encompassed by the length and width you measured in Step 1. For
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When you buy a yard of fabric, you're actually buying fabric that's 36"
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