How Much Is Amber Worth?


There are many factors that determine how much Amber is worth. Some of these factors include the cut of the stone, the size of the stone, and the clarity of the stone. The worth of an Amber stone is also determined by the seller as well.
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depending on the size of the peice of amber it could be any where from 20 to 100 we went to a rock beach and found peices about the size of my thumb nail those were worth 20 so do
Amber varies on the quality, and can cost up to 350 dollars for a great quality piece.
So my grandparents gave me this amber stone as a gift years ago, and they said they bought it for $140. I want to see how much it's really worth. My grandparents would never
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The price of amber depends on the actual piece. The color and clarity of the stone affect the price a lot. Stones with a lot of impurities aren't nearly as valuable as clear amber.
The value of amber depends on the size, coloring, inclusions and style of the amber. Some lower quality amber pieces can go for less than $100. Higher quality amber artifacts can fetch prices in the thousands of dollars.
The value of amber depends on a few factors. The size, shade of the color and weight would determine the value. Blue, green, and dark red colors tend to be more rare and worth more. Appraisers use a type of stethoscope to access the color quality.
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