How Much Is an 1853 Half Dime Worth?


The value of an 1853 half dime worth is more than $10 to $11 each. 1860 era half dimes are already rare, so an 1853 half dime in good condition has a high value. Uncirculated coins at that date may fetch more than 145 each.
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It could pobably worth 200 to 20000 dollars
The Liberty dime design was one of two coin designs awarded to German-born sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman also designed the walking Liberty half dollar. Liberty dimes were produced
As of 09/2008, With no mint mark - worn condition, $14; moderate wear, $22;
7-4-11> The last Mercury Dime was dated 1945. The Roosevelt series started in 1946. So many 1948 dimes were made the value is for just the silver, about $2.00.
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