How Much Is an 1853 Half Dime Worth?


The value of an 1853 half dime worth is more than $10 to $11 each. 1860 era half dimes are already rare, so an 1853 half dime in good condition has a high value. Uncirculated coins at that date may fetch more than 145 each.
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This coin was issued in two varieties, with and without arrows next to the date. The kind with arrows is the more common of the two. Look on the back of the coin to see if there's
A 1853 American half dime is worth
You deserve one serious answer. The value depends on condition. The more the coin is worn, the lower the value. If the coin has been cleaned or damaged, that hurts as well. In average
Here is what your coin could be worth. 1837 Liberty Seated Half Dime - Large date G-4 $36.00 VG-8 $45.00 F-12 $76.50 VF-20 $142.50 XF-40 $285.00 AU-50 $487.50 AU-55 $585.00
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