How Much Is an 1853 Half Dime Worth?


The value of an 1853 half dime worth is more than $10 to $11 each. 1860 era half dimes are already rare, so an 1853 half dime in good condition has a high value. Uncirculated coins at that date may fetch more than 145 each.
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The values for this coin run from $32.00 to $750.00 for a circulated coin depending on the grade. I suggest you show it to a dealer or collector to determine a value.
Time Frame. Barber dimes were produced from 1892 to 1916. The Barber design was replaced by the Liberty head dime design. Identification. The 1899 Barber dime was produced in Philadelphia
As of 09/2008, With no mint mark - worn condition, $14; moderate wear, $22;
.07234 troy ounce X Silver Spot @ $40 troy ounce. Example: .07234 X $40.00 = $2.89. This is just the value in silver, not the collectors value.
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