How much is a 1861 Queen Victoria coin worth?


An 1861 queen Victoria queen coin is worth about £0.99. For all issues from 1860 to 1970, the basic reverse design remained similar, with Britannia seated facing right, holding a shield and trident, the words one penny.
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You need to give the denomination and country of origin. There is a huge difference between something like a penny and a gold sovereign. Keep in mind that Queen Victoria was the sovereign
An 1897 Quenn Victoria one-cent coin (Canada) will fetch
More information is needed before a proper value can be assigned to a coin like this. Which country produced the coin? What is the denomination? What condition is the coin in? Just
Including the cost of postage, they have sold within the last two weeks at eBay for a low of $5.50 to a high of $25. Condition and the timing of the listing are the main factors.
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