How much is a 1861 Queen Victoria coin worth?


An 1861 queen Victoria queen coin is worth about £0.99. For all issues from 1860 to 1970, the basic reverse design remained similar, with Britannia seated facing right, holding a shield and trident, the words one penny.
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These "coins" are most likely a token used as a gaming chip or similar. Depending on condition and what they are made from, not much to a few pounds.
An 1897 Quenn Victoria one-cent coin (Canada) will fetch
Including the cost of postage, they have sold within the last two weeks at eBay for a low of $5.50 to a high of $25. Condition and the timing of the listing are the main factors.
An 1889 Jubilee Head Gold Sovereign issued for Queen Victoria is worth £275.
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