How Much is An 1862 Dollar Worth?


A non circulated 1862 Dollar is worth 1,000-1,500 dollars. If your coin has been in circulation it can be worth any where from 100-500 USD dollars depending on the condition the coin is in.
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The 1862 Liberty Seated dollar is a lower mintage (11,540) date of the series. This date was only struck at the Philadelphia Mint. For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs
A dollar in 1862 has about the same value as $20 in 2005.
One dollar is one dollar. In terms of buying power, it depends which dollar you mean: in 1862 multi-dollar coins contained (just under) 1/20 oz of gold, worth $86.50 today, and single-dollars discusses the trade balance factor first. Trade balance refers to the relative balance of importing and exporting by a country and its overall trade surplus or
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1862.0 United States Dollars (USD) is equal to 1862 US Dollars (USD)
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How much an 1862 Confederate 5 dollar bill is worth will largely depend on its' condition as well as what the demand for the note is like around the time of sale ...
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The value of a Liberty silver dollar is based on condition. The melt value is $9 to $11. Depending on condition, any coins with a Carson City mint mark are worth ...
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