How Much is An 1862 Dollar Worth?


A non circulated 1862 Dollar is worth 1,000-1,500 dollars. If your coin has been in circulation it can be worth any where from 100-500 USD dollars depending on the condition the coin is in.
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1862.0 United States Dollars (USD) is equal to 1862 US Dollars (USD)
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Depends on the note sub-variety and condition (most importantly) There are a few different variants on this note. Send a scan, I appraise for free: and will
A dollar in 1862 has about the same value as $20 in 2005.
The amount that a dollar is worth constantly fluctuates with the global market. Actual dollar bills are worth nothing and their artificial value is set by the federal reserve.
From what country? USA? Confederate States of America? For something like this, condition makes a big difference, also. Please provide more information, including what country and
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How much an 1862 Confederate 5 dollar bill is worth will largely depend on its' condition as well as what the demand for the note is like around the time of sale ...
It is worth between 750 to 850 dollars in mint condition. It is worth between 550 to 650 dollars in fair condition. ...
all treasury warrents ssued have a value on intrest after a time of good attempt to. administer them,in the 1800 treasury warrents issued where valid only 6 months ...
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