How much is an 8-cent Eisenhower stamp worth?


How much an 8 cent Eisenhower stamp is worth varies depending on its condition and printing year. On average, these stamps are worth about ten to forty cents.
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retail 20 cents mint or used. Wholesale - not worth selling - use it for postage if mint. used 5 cents per hundred .'s...
I see the Eisenhower stamp on ebay and the price is ranging from $.75 - $3.00 for a unused stamp. like Squidley said they were produced in 'high' amounts so there are alot of them
1. Compare the stamp you have to the pictures and descriptions of the Eisenhower stamps listed for 1970-74 in the Scotts Stamp Value Guide. Record the numbers or bookmark the page
Chuck, Its a common stamp. Used examples are worth about a penny, and unused examples are worth just about face value. -Mark
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