How much is an 8-cent Eisenhower stamp worth?


How much an 8 cent Eisenhower stamp is worth varies depending on its condition and printing year. On average, these stamps are worth about ten to forty cents.
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There is currently a mint sheet of 800 Eisenhower stamps on eBay
I presume you mean the large black, red and blue 6 cent stamp issued in 1969 to honor Eisenhower's death. In used condition, one dealer that I know will buy this stamp at $ 0.50 per
1. Compare the stamp you have to the pictures and descriptions of the Eisenhower stamps listed for 1970-74 in the Scotts Stamp Value Guide. Record the numbers or bookmark the page
Chuck, Its a common stamp. Used examples are worth about a penny, and unused examples are worth just about face value. -Mark
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