How Much Is an Aluminum Can Worth?


Aluminium cans are worth about 40 pence/kg. It takes about 60 cans to make a kilogram and about 50,000 cans to make up a tone (crushed these would take up about four cubic meters). Most dealers are likely to accept aluminium in amounts over one kilogram.
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In today's market, an aluminum can is worth about one penny. Any more
Scrap prices change every day. Two days ago I was getting .68 cents a pound. Today I got .64 cents a pound.
This sheet is typically alloy 3104-H19 or 3004-H19, which is aluminum with about 1% manganese and 1% magnesium to give it strength and formability.
A used aluminum can returned to a recycling center is worth about a penny to consumer recyclers. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 03:48PM EST. Source:
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Environmentally, aluminium cans are worth quite a bit because they contain bauxite which is a finite resource. Bauxite is mined in Australia and several other locations around the world. Aluminium can be recycled over and over again and that cuts down on mining costs, damage to the environment from mining and water used for production. So, figuring all that the cost of one aluminium can is about $4.00 if it is recycled 100 times its cost will be $0.04.
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