How much is an atari 2600 worth?


An Atari 2600 console is worth approximately $150. They are not worth a whole lot of money just yet, because you can still get them in stores and such.
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An Atari 2600 is worth from a price range of $76.47-2,038.98. Each 2600 varies based on
About 50-60 dollars. They are dfinately coming back from the 70s. If you have games, about 5 dollars apiece. If it works, maybe 80 dollars.
Quite a lot if its an original with the box and documentation. Could be thousands, even more in an auction full of people that like that kind of stuff.
According to, Atari 2600 cost $59.10, condition: complete in box. The condition: new in box cost $41.04.
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An Atari 2600 is worth approximately $150, depending on what condition it's in, and if there is anything with it, or if it's just the console. It's not worth a ...
According to the Atari 2600 Price Guide, games can be worth $0 (for Springer) to $31,600 (for Air Raid, an ultra rare game in limited release). A game's worth ...
About $4.00. ...
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