How Much Is an Atari System Worth?


Atari is a Japanese expression that is used when someone wins something substantial such as a lottery. The original Atari Systems are worth anywhere from $10 and up depending on the model number and condition. Games can be worth more depending on their condition and how rare they are.
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Check with Ebay, I know it's not much, but you may be able to sell it for the most
There are a number of price guides available online. Video Game Price Charts,, and AtariAge's "Atari 2600 Rarity Guide" are all good places to start looking…. Source(s) Xavier University Pre-Medicine Student * please mark as best answer if you feel it is so*
this is the truth it probibly would estimate 5-10$ + 2$ per game
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An Atari 2600 is worth approximately $150, depending on what condition it's in, and if there is anything with it, or if it's just the console. It's not worth a ...
An Atari 2600 console is worth approximately $150. They are not worth a whole lot of money just yet, because you can still get them in stores and such. ...
According to the Atari 2600 Price Guide, games can be worth $0 (for Springer) to $31,600 (for Air Raid, an ultra rare game in limited release). A game's worth ...
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