How Much is An E Pluribus Unum 1921 Coin Worth?


An e Pluribis Unum coin dated from the year of 1921 can be worth about $75 dollars. this rare collegiate Latin coin is something that collectors swarm for. It is highly coveted.
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.All E Pluribus Unum tells us is that the coin was minted in the US. You need to give us the denomination of the coin along with the design of the coin if you have a dollar coin (
Need to know the denomination, mintmark, and condition. This motto is on
A 1921 US Morgan Silver Dollar costs $25.93 to $65.22.
$17.00 - $200.00 depending on the grade. Anonymous
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Assuming the coin is circulated retail prices are $17.00-26.00. ...
ALL U.S. coins carry the motto "E Pluribus Unum" (From Many, One) so that does not help to identify any coin. Please post a new, separate question with ...
If the coin has the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM above Liberty's Head it's a Morgan dollar and the value is $23.00-$26.00 for a circulated coin. If the coin has the word ...
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