How much is an H stamp worth?


The value of an H stamp is at approximately thirty-three cents. The H makeup rate is approximately one cent. The G stamp is only one cent less than the H stamp.
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Stamps with letter denomination values: STAMP VALUE DATE of rate change ============================== A 15 cents 5/29/78 B 18 cents 3/22/81 C 20 cents 11/1/81 (!) D 22 cents 2/17
The H Stamp is worth 33 cents and is still valid postage if additional postage is added.
The value of old stamps varies according to place of origin. Stamp collecting is often very much a national affair. Each country has its own philatelic societies and issues of interest
I have an old paper food stamp and i was wanting to know what it would be worth now. It's a 1999 $1.00 paper stamp. It's in great shape.
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