How Much Is an Old Clorox Bottle Worth?


How much an old Clorox bottle is worth will depend on its condition and which design you have. The bottles do not have a large value, typically less than $15. This is because of the high number of bottles that have been produced.
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It's about 50 $ they don't have them anywhere and there hard to find collectors love them.
1. Pour the Clorox down the drain of your kitchen or bathroom sink. Turn on the water and pour a little at a time to avoid splashing. Leave the water running for a few minutes and
They're not worth alot of money, but, some people buy them to decorate a
It depends on the age and condition, but a brown glass Clorox bottle with a screw cap is $13.95 on eBay. A similar glass bottle is also selling for $22.00. report this answer. Updated
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