How much is an opal worth?


Opals can have many different values depending on their size, setting, clarity, and most of all their color. For instance, the fire opals are reddish orange and are higher in value.
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It depends how many carats it weighes, a carat in jewelery is about a twentieth of a gram, or 0.2grams. Another factor to how much it is worth is what type of opal it is, there is
The value of opal varies based on size, color and type. Do you have more details for what you
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Giving a specific value would be tricky since an opals worth is based on various characteristics such as size,type, base color and pattern just to name a few. The common market value and the rarity of the opal are also factors in assesing it's worth. If you have an opal that needs to be appraised then your local gemologist would be able to give you a specific value.
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