How Much Is an Original Furby Worth?


The value of an original Furby will depend on it's condition. An original Furby still in the original box and never opened are worth between 75 - 100 dollars. An original Furby that is out of the box and gently used is worth about 25 - 30 dollars.
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A Furby (plural Furbys or Furbies) was a popular electronic toy or robot, more
Some Special Edition furbys are worth up to $700.
i remember we searched and searched for one of those monsters...i got mine for 40 dollars at toys r us! i doubt anyone will buy one now a days for more than 10 bucks....but good luck
The value of an original Ginny doll is based on a few distinct factors. They include the condition of the doll, the particular style of the doll and whether the doll is in its original
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