How much is an ounce of silver worth today?


A troy ounce of silver today is worth $45.50. That is pure silver with a purity of 99.99 percent. Sterling silver is worth less because it has an alloy added for strenth. You can find more information here:
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The cost of silver fluctuates from day to day just like gold. At the time of this writing it is $18.64 per ounce, much less than the price of gold which is $1,134. If you want to
As i write 21st Dec 2011 the spot price of 1oz of silver is around $19 USD, but silver is very volatile & changes from day to day. In the past twelve months, the price has peaked
U.S. silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes made before 1965, and silver state quarters, are 90 percent pure silver. Pre-1965, silver dollars contain 0.7734 troy oz. of
An ounce of silver is $14.89 bid, asking price is $14.93. Low is
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Silver prices per ounce are very volatile and not as reliable as gold for holding it's value. I have provided a link that shows a very current price. I hope you have good luck if you have invested. You can find more information here:
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A dime is a coin that is worth ten cents. Some of the older silver dimes are worth much more than the amount of a ten cent dime we use to today. The face value ...
As of 2013, a 1 ounce silver dollar can be worth as much as $30, depending on the price per ounce of silver on the market at any given time. The value of a 1 ounce ...
1 troy ounce of silver is worth about 984 pounds. The price of silver however changes from time to time and is often priced per gram, ounce and kilogram. You can ...
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