How Much Is Appropriate to Give a Pastor for Officiating a Wedding Ceremony?


How much to pay a pastor for officiating a wedding ceremony is usually a donation of some amount. That amount is generally from 75-100 dollars, but you can check with the church he is connected with.
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Hi. I am a secretary at a Lutheran Church. Call the church secretary and ask. Most churches have wedding guidelines/policies that they go by and the cost for the pastor would be in
Wedding ceremonies at Country Club United Methodist Church will be performed by the pastor or by one of the ordained United Methodist clergy related to this congregation. If you
I have heard horror stories of couples that did not give the church an acceptable amount of money for their service and it showed in the service itself. I would rather give too much
If I am available, I will perform the ceremony. I usually like a week's notice, however, if you are in a "jam", I will take 24 hours notice.
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As far as I know, the cost to have a pastor officiate a wedding ceremony, depends on the pastor. They charge what they want normally. Some charge as little as ...
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