How much are Beatrix Potter figurines?


Beswick Beatrix Potter represents a wide range of artefacts and miniature figurines inspired from the characters in the stories written by famed British writer and artist, Beatrix Potter. Beatrix Potter evokes the fondest of childhood memories. The price of a beatrix potter figures start from £8.95 onwards.
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In her life she made around 39 million pounds (700 million AUS dollars now days)
Begin by reading some of the books to your child. There are many to choose from, beginning with Peter Rabbit and ending with Little Pig Robinson, with a host of others - Hunca Munca
The lowest six figure number is 100,000 and the highest six figure number is 999,999. Everything in between is also six figures since each digit represents a figure.
There is no exactly amount because Beatrix Potter wrote a lot of stories
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Beatrix Potter figures have become highly collectable and so far, the 1990's has seen Graham Tongue develop the Beatrix Potter collection for the 100th birthday ...
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