How Much Is Belly Piercing?


Belly piercing is aloso known as belly button piercing Healing time for a navel piercing should be about 8 weeks, but some people are going to take longer. The price depends on where you go. The norm appears to be between £25 and £30. But 'cheap' piercing is not always a good piercing. It als depends on the type of jewellery you pick.
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I HAVE IT DONE AND IT COST 25.99$ Piercing prices vary from city to city and area to area, the only way to find out how much it is going to cost is to phone your local studios and
Things You'll Need. Alcohol cleansing pads. Piercing needle 14g. Clamp. Starter jewelry 14g. Rubber gloves. Body ink marker. Mirror. Instructions. Research the piercing as much as
1 Buy a belly button piercing kit. Make sure that includes a 14 g piercing needle and a clamp. You'll also need sterile gloves, antiseptic, cotton balls, a body ink marker, a mirror
I don't know where that is, but mine cost around $50 and I believe most cost about that.
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