How Much Is Belly Piercing?


Belly piercing is aloso known as belly button piercing Healing time for a navel piercing should be about 8 weeks, but some people are going to take longer. The price depends on where you go. The norm appears to be between £25 and £30. But 'cheap' piercing is not always a good piercing. It als depends on the type of jewellery you pick.
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hey. when i had mine done it cost me £30. :D x.
1. Consult a licensed or well-apprenticed piercer for advice on whether your belly button will accommodate a piercing. He or she will decide how well your tissue will hold a ring
1. Buy a belly button piercing kit. Make sure that includes a 14 g piercing needle and a clamp. You'll also need sterile gloves, antiseptic, cotton balls, a body ink marker, a mirror
I don't know where that is, but mine cost around $50 and I believe most cost about that.
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The price of a belly button piercing depends on where you get it done. In most places, the piercing fee is around $50, which is worth the money to avoid problems ...
The piercing room should look immaculately clean, and the chair should have a paper or plastic cover to protect it and to catch any body fluids. Your piercing ...
To pierce your own belly button without a kit you will need a large needle. Sterilize the needle and your belly button area. Wear gloves. Use ice to numb the area ...
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