How Much Is Brass Worth?


As of December 2012 the current price of pure brass is $1.65 per pound. The current price for contaminated brass is eighty-five cents per pound. The prices for brass and other metals fluctuate with the market and the demand.
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Brass scrap metal prices for late June 2011 are: Red Brass $1.95 per pound. Yellow Brass $1.80 per pound. Irony Brass $0.40 per pound. These are some average prices from across the
A pound of alloy brass is currently worth $3.03, while a pound of brass rod…. That has recycling prices for Spokane, Washington. It would probably be different elsewhere. Since you didn't list where you live
1. Inspect the bronze sculpture carefully. Search for any stamp marks, insignias or carvings on the statue. If the statue has a certificate from an artist that is even better. It
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