Capital Gains Tax on Property?


Capital Gains Tax on property is 18%. It is charged on any property that you own and you can sell it, give it away as a gift or get compensated by insurance. It is charged on the gain you make from selling the property.
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When a person sells a capital good at a profit, she realizes a capital gain. The Internal Revenue Service considers almost everything to be a capital good and defines the category
Your amount of property taxes differs based on your location and how much your property is worth. Each city sets different standards for property taxes. For more information, look
The U.S. tax code gives similar treatment to dividends and capital gains, although this will change slightly in 2013. Currently, ordinary dividends and short-term capital gains those
In the United States, the federal long term capital gains tax is 0% or 15%, depending on your tax bracket. The short term rate is the same as for ordinary income. There are also state
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