How much is the carer's allowance in the UK?


If you are a certified carer, you have the right to claim a carer's allowance. As of 2012, a carer should get a weekly allowance of £58.45. For more information, visit:
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You'll get Constant Attendance Allowance at one of four different rates, depending on the extent of your disability and the amount of care you need: Rate Weekly amount: Exceptional
When deciding how much allowance to give to a child, a parent should consider the age as well as the needs of the child. For example, if the child is expected to buy school lunches
Children's ages, expenses, parental means and attitudes toward money all play a part in your decision. Both parenting and financial experts agree that giving kids a regular allowance
The weekly rates for April 2010 are as follows: Attendance Allowance higher rate 71.40 lower rate 47.80 Carer's Allowance 53.90 This information came from Yvette Cooper (Secretary
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As of 2012, the carer's allowance in the UK is 58.45 pounds per week. If you get other state benefits, such as a state pension, this amount is then reduced. If ...
As of April 2012, the weekly rate of carer's allowance is £58.45. If you receive other benefits this amount will be reduced. You will not receive any allowance ...
Carer's allowance is money paid to people who care for someone with disability. You can be able to get Carer's allowance if you are above 16 years of age and you ...
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