How much is the carer's allowance in the UK?


If you are a certified carer, you have the right to claim a carer's allowance. As of 2012, a carer should get a weekly allowance of £58.45. For more information, visit:
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Careers allowance is £53.10 per week. If you claim housing benefit or council tax benefit, you will receive a career premium on your claim, which will increase these benefits.
When deciding how much allowance to give to a child, a parent should consider the age as well as the needs of the child. For example, if the child is expected to buy school lunches
you get paid £2.00 and im not doing it for the money im doing for the children.
You should be fine if its in a current account and not a savings account! Savings is only classed as savings really if its been in there long term! Its the same if people have loans
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