How much is a U.K. carer's allowance?


As of 2012, the carer's allowance in the UK is 58.45 pounds per week. If you get other state benefits, such as a state pension, this amount is then reduced. If the value of other benefits exceeds 58.45 pounds, you will not be entitled to the carer's allowance.
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The carer's allowance in the UK give an individual 59.75 GBP per week. This is to help take care of someone who required a signified amount of care. The person does not need to be
The standard rate of Carer's Allowance is £59.75 a week (April 2013 rate). Payment is usually made directly into a bank account, building society account, Post Office account,
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Starlight is correct, however mine is paid every week. They still do weekly if you prefer it that way. It is £55.55 but as Starlight said, other benefits can be affected by
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As of April 2012, the weekly rate of carer's allowance is £58.45. If you receive other benefits this amount will be reduced. You will not receive any allowance ...
If you are a certified carer, you have the right to claim a carer's allowance. As of 2012, a carer should get a weekly allowance of £58.45. For more information ...
According to the U.K. government, a carer's allowance is a stipend given to someone who spends 35 hours a week or more caring for a person with substantial needs ...
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