How Much Is CIEN Pesetas Worth?


Cien Pesetas are basically worthless as of January of 2013. This money is an older version of Spanish currency that had its highest value in the 1950s when 60 pesetas were worth about a dollar. The currency is no longer valuable.
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you mean pesos? well. about 8 bucks. The question is regarding pesetas, not pesos. I have a paper bill from El Banco De Espana (The Bank of Spain) which also is cien pesetas printed
One hundred pesetas is worth just under $2.00 in US dollars.
Hi Santos, This is Spanish coin that can be still changed into Euro € currency. 166.386 Pesetas is 1€ Euro. Cien is 100 so that makes 0,6€ or 0.78$ Numismatic value
With a mintage of 208,000,000 it is far from scarce. It can be found in a dealers world coin box here in the USA for around .25 cents. The coin is made of aluminum-bronze. It is no
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The exchange rate from pesetas to dollars is 1 dollar equals 122 pesetas. If you have 25 pesetas it is worth .21 cents in US money. So that means 100 US dollars ...
Peseta was the Spain currency between 1869 to 2002. It was used concurrently with the French franc. Peseta is only worth 0.01 United States dollars, it price ...
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