How Much Is CIEN Pesetas Worth?


Cien Pesetas are basically worthless as of January of 2013. This money is an older version of Spanish currency that had its highest value in the 1950s when 60 pesetas were worth about a dollar. The currency is no longer valuable.
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In it's original state it is $100,everybody I know with this coin doesn't know what it's worth in american money.and so far every body has the newest year,I have 1982.
One hundred pesetas is worth just under $2.00 in US dollars.
With a mintage of 208,000,000 it is far from scarce. It can be found in a dealers world coin box here in the USA for around .25 cents. The coin is made of aluminum-bronze. It is no
Hi ZhenDong, This is actually a regular coin that has an added border. This would have been made by a private company and been part of a set of coins from different European countries
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