How much is the "Complete Works of Shakespeare" by Spring Books worth?


As of June 2014, the Spring Books edition of the "Complete Works of Shakespeare" can be worth anywhere between $4.98 and $50, depending on the seller, printing and condition of the book. Used copies are sold on Amazon, eBay and AbeBooks, among others.

The Spring Books edition of the "Complete Works of Shakespeare" was first published in 1958. It includes all of his plays and poems, as well as an introduction by Dr. Bretislav Hodek, a foreward by Sir Donald Wolfit and a glossary.

Platforms such as Amazon and eBay allow customers to purchase a used copy, or to sell one at a set price or to hold an online auction.

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You can get a copy at a rummage sale for fifty cents as likely as not. Or you can get a multi-volume set bound in calf leather with gilt pages for a thousand dollars of so. The binding
Probably not much, but you are not giving enough details, such as the place of edition and the name of the publisher. Is it an American or British edition? Is it just the text or According to this: $2.99 According to ME (avid EA Poe fan) PRICELESS. ^_^
Hi Jarred, give these a try: Baurman Rare Books: Empty Mirror Books.…. Find
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