How Much Is Complete Works of Shakespeare by Spring Books Worth?


There are two Amazon sellers currently offering this book. They are both asking $49.99 and list condition as 'Good' and 'Very Good'.
Q&A Related to "How Much Is Complete Works of Shakespeare by..." sells new paperbacks for $75 (US) used $65; and "collectible" (whatever they mean by that) for $100. Thank you for that.
Probably not much, but you are not giving enough details, such as the place of edition and the name of the publisher. Is it an American or British edition? Is it just the text or
My three favourite songs are “Won’t Back Down” by Fuel, “Headstrong” by Trapt and “Same Old Song” by Pain. My three favourite books are all According to this: $2.99 According to ME (avid EA Poe fan) PRICELESS. ^_^
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