How Much Is Copper Worth Per Pound?


About $3.50.
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Right now copper is worth $3.3375-3.3511 per pound in US funds. With the prices of copper being over three dollars a pound, thieves are trying to steal it. You can find more information
Copper is currently $2.32 per pound.
It's worth $3.3375-3.3511 (or say it the easy way: $3) Source(s) A book about those things.
As of 15 October 2011, copper values are as follows (USD/LB): LME - 3.4022, COMEX - 3.4050, Shanghai Copper - 4.0168.
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The price of copper per pound is about $3.74 but the price is known to fluctuate according to the demand for it in the market. If the demand is low, the price ...
Copper is vary with the time depending on the expectations for now copper goes for 4.1957 and in Pounds is at the cost of 0.644 and 0.7607 in Euros. ...
The price of copper changes daily. Currently, the average price a single pound of clean copper is £1.470. You can usually sell copper to local scrap yards ...
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