How Much Is Copper Worth Per Pound?


About $3.50.
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The London Metal Exchange reports Copper is sold for an average of $2.28 per pound over the last 3 months. The site is updated every day at midnight so check back often. Did you know
As of April 2012, copper is worth a total of $3.77 per pound. Gold is currently
Copper scrap metal prices vary on a daily basis and also depends on the type of copper scrap (wire, prepared, etc. As of May 28, 2009: #1 Heavy Scrap Copper is around $1.70 - $1.80
Not financial advice: As a commodity, the price of copper will fluctuate. As of September 19, 2012, grade A cathode copper sold for $8,441.50 per metric ton or $3.829 per pound. Grade
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