How Much Is Cubic Zirconia Worth?


Cubic zirconia is a synthesized material which looks a lot like diamond. It is often used as a cheap substitute for diamonds. Cubic zirconia is only worth a few dollars.
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A 1.5 carat loose round cubic zirconia stone, no setting cost $5.99. Yep, that's
5 dollars. Also it is worth pointing out that karats refers to gold bullion only. The correct term to use for gemstones is Carats with the 'C'
Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, is literally zirconium dioxide in its crystallized form. Although cubic zirconia shares a similar-sounding name with the rough, gray mineral zircon
1. Check your jewelry for loose cubic zirconia stones, damaged prongs or other imperfections. The cleaning process can cause loose stones to fall out or damaged prongs to break. If
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In order to know how much a cubic zirconia is worth, one would need to know the size of it in carat weight. They can become quite expensive, however not as expensive as a real jewel.
Just like anything else, there are different quality Cubic Zirconia stones out on the market. Some are better than others and many can not be distinguished from a real diamond without a jewelers loupe. Those types of Zircons will be more costly than a cheap stone that is obviously a fake. Cubic Zironia comes in all shapes, sizes and qualities and have various values depending on quality.
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