How Much Is Cubic Zirconia Worth?


Cubic zirconia is a synthesized material which looks a lot like diamond. It is often used as a cheap substitute for diamonds. Cubic zirconia is only worth a few dollars.
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A 1.5 carat loose round cubic zirconia stone, no setting cost $5.99. Yep, that's
All depends on the quality of the CZ as well as the weight of the silver.You have to take into consideration the stones ,the smaller the stones [micro pave] the more expensive the
Like nothing- it's fake diamonds!
Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, is literally zirconium dioxide in its crystallized form. Although cubic zirconia shares a similar-sounding name with the rough, gray mineral zircon
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In order to know how much a cubic zirconia is worth, one would need to know the size of it in carat weight. They can become quite expensive, however not as expensive as a real jewel.
Just like anything else, there are different quality Cubic Zirconia stones out on the market. Some are better than others and many can not be distinguished from a real diamond without a jewelers loupe. Those types of Zircons will be more costly than a cheap stone that is obviously a fake. Cubic Zironia comes in all shapes, sizes and qualities and have various values depending on quality.
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