How much are Dale Earnhardt Sr. collectibles worth?


How much Dale Earnhardt Sr. collectibles are worth depends on the item. There are die cast cars, autographed plates, and pictures. An autographed picture could be worth $1,400 while a car may be worth $30.
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There is no set in stone value to something like that; while it is a cliche answer, it is simply worth whatever one is willing to pay for it. Although, I will say that it is likely
Dale Earnhardt autographed card is worth between $125-$800. Dale Earnhardt Sr & Jr autographed 8x10 color photo in same matting with engraved plate worth $899
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How much your Dale Earnhardt collectibles are worth will depend on what they are. Also the condition of them will affect their value. You can look up each item ...
According to Sports Card Shark, some Dale Earnhardt Sr. trading cards are worth anywhere from around $4 to $40 for individual cards. The worth depends on the type ...
How much your Dale Earnhardt card is worth will vary. It will depend on the condition of the card and the year. ...
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