How much are Dale Earnhardt Sr. collectibles worth?


How much Dale Earnhardt Sr. collectibles are worth depends on the item. There are die cast cars, autographed plates, and pictures. An autographed picture could be worth $1,400 while a car may be worth $30.
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Looks like from Ebay about $10.00 Is what the bid was going for. I will look into it some more to see if we can get a better IDEA!
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I'm really not sure how much it's worth, but I would be interested in buying it from you. Maybe we can work out a deal? You can email me if you'd like to discuss a deal. I would pay
Dale Earnhardt autographed card is worth between $125-$800. Dale Earnhardt Sr & Jr autographed 8x10 color photo in same matting with engraved plate worth $899
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