How much is a diamond worth?


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A diamond is valued by its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. A local jeweler can show you different stones and give you a precise value for each.
Black diamonds are diamonds that are formed with graphite in them. Black diamonds are actually a very dark green, but this can only be seen when they are properly, or improperly,
Right now a premium radiant 1.01 ct. diamond is $2,395. The worth d...
As usual, it depends on the condition, the collector and the availability of the bottle. On the Jim Beam Club Web site, you can see decanters from the $40 range, such as the Oil Quart
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A diamond's worth or value is determined by 4 things, color, clarity, cut and, carat weight. Colors are graded on a letter scale, with D being the best. The clarity of a diamond describes the impurities in a diamond while the cut describes the proportions. Carat size describes the weight of a diamond.
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