How much is a diamond worth?


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A diamond is valued by its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. A local jeweler can show you different stones and give you a precise value for each.
Black diamonds are diamonds that are formed with graphite in them. Black diamonds are actually a very dark green, but this can only be seen when they are properly, or improperly,
As far as metallic potassium goes, it's worth about $40.00 per pound. It is sold commercially in small amounts. It is said pure potassium is $100.00 per 100g. You can find more information
Right now a premium radiant 1.01 ct. diamond is $2,395. The worth d...
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A diamond's worth or value is determined by 4 things, color, clarity, cut and, carat weight. Colors are graded on a letter scale, with D being the best. The clarity of a diamond describes the impurities in a diamond while the cut describes the proportions. Carat size describes the weight of a diamond.
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