How Much is Diez Pesos Worth?


Diez (10) Mexican peso's would be equal to .81 cents in U.S. American dollar. It would take 12.35 Mexican peso's to equal $1.00 in U.S. American dollar.
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About 1 United States Dollar.
I'm assuming you are talking about Mexican pesos, although some other countries use them as well. If you don't mean Mexican pesos then visit my source to do the correct conversion
It is worthless. Mexico overhauled it`s currencey in 1993 . Any coins
I'm not entirely sure whether you're asking about 2000 Pesos or 2000 million Pesos, so I will answer for both. As of 9th June 2009, 2000 Colombian Pesos is equal to $0.97 (97 cents)
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