How much is electricity per kWh in the United Kingdom?


The cost of electricity in the UK is between 7p and 21p per KWH. This, however, depends on the type of use and location of the building. Furthermore, large businesses are able to negotiate for a price as low as 2p to 4p per KWH.
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It is different depending on which company you have and where you are at and the taxes they add for this and that.....I divide my total amount of bill by the kwhs used.....and it
1. Look at the face of the meter. You'll probably see four or five dials. These clock faces will be numbered in both counter-clockwise and clockwise directions. 2. Read the clocks
Blended annual commercial rates are between $0.15 [1] for the lowest commercial rates and about $0.17 for the highest. Residential rates are tiered by typical usage in each climate
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