How Much Is First Class Postage Stamp?

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USPS Postage Rates
First-Class Postcard: $0.34
First-Class Letter: $0.49
International Letter: $1.15
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It's currently 41 cents It is 42 cents as of May 2008.
The first class stamp is 44 cents. There is not much you can do, for 44 cents these days. Stamps are a popular form of collecting things. You can find more information here:
For the USPS, the first class stamp is .44 cents. Keep on doing the ChaCha!
Currently, stamps cost .42 cents, unless you purchased the 'forever stamps' which are good forever!
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The current price of a UK first class stamp is 41p. The cost of a first class postage stamp depends on the weight, length, width and thickness of the letter or parcel.
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