How Much Is Gas in Mexico?


Presently regular unleaded gas in Mexico costs $2. 27 per gallon. The premium unleaded goes for $2. 81 and diesel gas is $2. 40 per gallon. In Mexico gas must be purchased with cash, Mexican currency that is. Be careful and have fun.
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The current gas price in Mexico is 2.23 a gallon in US dollars. I don't think it would be cost effective to cross the border just to buy gas.
A 20 litre tank (5.283 gallons) costs around USD$14.18 Therefore, the cost of gas in Mexico is of around USD$2.69 per gallon or 71 cents per litre.
A gallon of gas costs about $3.10 in Tijuana. Have a great day.
It is currently 7.1 pesos per litre....28.4 pesos for 4 litres which is about the same as a gallon. That comes out to $2.71usd a
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