How Much Is Gold Flakes Worth?


Gold flakes are worth the same price as any gold. The value of pure gold is measured strictly by its weight. As of January 7, 2013, gold is worth $1647 per ounce.
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Worth of a Flake of Gold. 80 mesh size, 44,000 spics, make a Oz. 40 mesh size, 22,000 " " " piece`s 1/8 inch. in size 200 for a oz. Do the math.And in the back ache.
You havew to weigh them - on a very accurate laboratory scale. Then you have to have them assesed for purity - because they might be a mixture of gold with silver or copper. Only
1. Educate yourself about gold and gold flakes. The World Gold Council maintains a website at that includes daily updates on the price of gold as well as a library of information
The current price of gram for gold is $50 so three grams would be worth
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