How Much Is Gold Worth Per Gram?


The price of gold per gram depends on the carat. For example 9 ct gold is £8.70 per gram, 14ct gold is £13.55 per gram, 18ct gold is £17.30 per gram, 22ct gold is £21.15 per gram, 24ct gold is £25.87 per gram and platinum goes for £26.50 per gram.
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Gold 1072.15 USD/oz. 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams. 1 072.15 / 28.3495231 = US$37.8189783.
The price of gold fluctuates many times throughout the day. As of right now,
Not Financial Advice: Gold is currently around $44.79 per gram. One ounce of gold is $1,393.21.
Most of those gold nuggets (if they are real) assay at about 20-22 karat. And that is worth about $50 (Australian) per gram. But sometimes you get a good premium over the gold spot
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