How Much Is Gold Worth Per Gram?


The price of gold per gram depends on the carat. For example 9 ct gold is £8.70 per gram, 14ct gold is £13.55 per gram, 18ct gold is £17.30 per gram, 22ct gold is £21.15 per gram, 24ct gold is £25.87 per gram and platinum goes for £26.50 per gram.
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To find the value of a gram of gold, you must first find the spot price of gold (per troy ounce) in your country, then convert to grams. Thus, if the spot price of gold is 900 US
Not Financial Advice: Gold is currently around $44.79 per gram. One ounce of gold is $1,393.21.
How much is gold worth per gram in Dubai? Why it is cheap there? I heard rumours that gold are cheap in dubai. Also, how much gold you can bring to india for your families as a ..
10-karat gold ranges from $14 to $20 per gram, 14 ranges from $20 to $30
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