How much is Google worth?


As of May 2014, Google's market capitalization was $381.73 billion. Market capitalization is the total value of a public company's outstanding shares, and it's one way to determine the current net worth of the business.

Determining the value of a company is an academic exercise until a company is sold. While on paper, a public company can be viewed as worth its stock price times the number of its outstanding shares, the reality is that a company such as Google could sell for more or less than a multiple of its stock price on any given day. Market capitalization is an equity-based valuation model and is the simplest way to estimate a company's net worth.

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Worth is a very ambiguous term. Alex already mentioned the. market cap. which is the. equity value. of the firm, which is. $186b. [1] There's another measure of worth called. Enterprise
Answer Google's market capital is $153.4 billion as of October 5 2009. A recent estimation Google is now worth $163.2 billion (November 2010).
If you are referring to a 'googol' then you are talking about an extremely large number. For example, try a 1 followed by 100 zeros! A googol (which is the correct spelling) is equal
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