How much is Google worth?


As of May 2014, Google's market capitalization was $381.73 billion. Market capitalization is the total value of a public company's outstanding shares, and it's one way to determine the current net worth of the business.

Determining the value of a company is an academic exercise until a company is sold. While on paper, a public company can be viewed as worth its stock price times the number of its outstanding shares, the reality is that a company such as Google could sell for more or less than a multiple of its stock price on any given day. Market capitalization is an equity-based valuation model and is the simplest way to estimate a company's net worth.

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Google has an annual revenues of about 500 billion and profits of 125million. But thats as of last year. It will only seem to increase in how much its worth and I don't see it going
Answer Google's market capital is $153.4 billion as of October 5 2009. A recent estimation Google is now worth $163.2 billion (November 2010).
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