How Much Is Iraqi Dinar Worth Today?

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Exchange Rates for Iraqi Dinars
1 IQD = 8.0E-4 7.0E-4 6.0E-4 0.0987 0.0011
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1 Dinar =.000866927 USD-----------$1:00 USD = 1,153 Dinar
1000 Iraqi Dinar is worth 1 dollar USD.
The Central Bank of Iraq posts U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar currency auction results on a daily basis, see. hp?pid= On the same page, CBI offers a chart [
Following the first Gulf War in 1991, new notes were printed due to an economic blockade and the loss of previous printing technology. Because dinars were printed in mass quantities
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In October of 2004, £0.64 would exchange for 1,460 Iraqi Dinar (IQD). The same amount in 2010 will buy 1,158 IQD.
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