How Much Is Iraqi Dinar Worth Today?

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Exchange Rates for Iraqi Dinars
1 IQD = 9.0E-4 7.0E-4 5.0E-4 0.0935 9.0E-4
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1 Dinar =.000866927 USD-----------$1:00 USD = 1,153 Dinar
1000 Iraqi Dinar is worth 1 dollar USD.
One Iraqi Dinar is worth 0.000869187 U.S. dollars. To make this easier If you had 10 U.S. Dollars you would have 11,505.00 Iraqi Dinar. You can find more information here:
The Central Bank of Iraq posts U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar currency auction results on a daily basis, see. hp?pid= On the same page, CBI offers a chart [
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In October of 2004, £0.64 would exchange for 1,460 Iraqi Dinar (IQD). The same amount in 2010 will buy 1,158 IQD.
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