How Much Is Iraqi Dinar Worth Today?

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Exchange Rates for Iraqi Dinars
1 IQD = 9.0E-4 6.0E-4 5.0E-4 0.0885 9.0E-4
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1 Dinar =.000866927 USD-----------$1:00 USD = 1,153 Dinar
The Iraqi Dinar is currently trading at around 1175.5 (bid) Dinars to one US
The Central Bank of Iraq posts U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar currency auction results on a daily basis, see. hp?pid= On the same page, CBI offers a chart [
Following the first Gulf War in 1991, new notes were printed due to an economic blockade and the loss of previous printing technology. Because dinars were printed in mass quantities
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In October of 2004, £0.64 would exchange for 1,460 Iraqi Dinar (IQD). The same amount in 2010 will buy 1,158 IQD.
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250 dinars in American money is only worth approximately 21 cents. The Iraqi dinar is obviously very weak compared to the power of the American dollar. ...
Iraq money is worth something, but it's not worth very much. The translation from the Iraq Dinar to the United States dollar is for every 1474 Dinar you have, ...
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