How Much Is It for a Bus Ticket?


In Central London you have to pre-purchase tickets, you cannot pay the driver and there are no ticket attendants onboard the bus. A weekly ticket costs £11, which you can buy from the driver. It is called a Mega rider ticket.
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Bus ticket prices will vary greatly depending on the company you are traveling with and where you are going. Also, round trip tickets will cost more than a one way. Your best bet
Select bus companies sell travel tickets on their websites and through partner websites, such as online travel sites. Travelers can search bus schedules, select a desired departure
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Greyhound bus ticket costs will vary by location. However, a ticket from Joplin, Mo to Springfield Mo today December 1, 2012, would cost $33.00 for a one way trip ...
Call your local Greyhound Bus Station and tell them where you want to go and where you will be leaving from. They will need to know the dates, etc. that you want ...
In order to figure out how much a Greyhound bus ticket is, one would need to know the start and ending destination. Also, these prices can vary depending on the ...
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