How Much Is It for a Plane Ticket to Flordia from Little Rock AR?


According to Travelocity, a plane ticket to Florida from Little Rock, AR is normally around $200 one way. However, if you travel between December and February, fares can be found for as low as $60. If you want to splurge, there are flights available for up to $1800, but it's not recommended for those on a budget.
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The best price I found is on Orbitz for round trip from
Bus ticket price from Little Rock to Miami ranges from $145.20 to $184. They are 1251 miles apart.
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All of our U2 Tour North Little Rock, Arkansas tickets are either shipped free of charge. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless specially requested at the time your
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There are several different factors that affect your question like: When are you going? Are you looking for round trip tickets or one way? Are you purchasing your ...
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