How Much Does It Cost to Advertise in the Yellow Pages?


Go to the Yellow Pages website to find out the rates of advertising. You can contact them for a detailed quote.
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There are 2 basic ways that you can get your information listed on the internet. One of them is with a company and one of them is general search. And with the company like the Yellow
The US numbers are closer to $13 billion. The major YP publishers in the US and UK are public.
Advertise in yellow pages is depends upon the traffic more traffic means more costs.
1. Determine what kind of advertisement you are going to add to the page. If you are using an advertisement from an ad network, they should provide you with the code you must add
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The cost totally depends on where you live and it is also based on market and traffic, the number of books printed and used and that’s how the final price is set. There is no standard fee for publishing on Yellow Pages and for more details contact the administrator on the Yellow Pages site:
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