How Much Is It to Do a Bike Test?


Theory test for a motorcycle is £31.00 while the practiical test will depend on the module with module 1 costing, £15.50 on weekdays and £15.50 on weekends and module 2 costing, £75.00 on weekdays and £88.50 on weekends
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Start by pushing the bike along with the bar, then use one brake at a time, Rear brake should easily lock the wheel up when operated. Front wheel should give good resistance. If that
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Theory test - £31.00. Module 1 practical test - £15.50. Module 2 practical test - £75.00. Whatever you want after passing your test, it will have to be under 33bhp
a standard motorcycle licence (A), is obtained if the practical test is taken on a bike of over 120 cc but not more than 125 cc and capable of at least 100 kilometres per hour (km
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The cost of a bike test depends on where you want to take the test from. Generally for a theory test the cost is £31.00, for the practical test; Module 1 ...
The cost of CBT is about £50 for a day's training. CBT cost varies from provider to provider and may be included in the cost of a motorcycle riding course ...
To get a a bike licsence, you need to do a number of trainings including; Compulsory Basic Training 50£ , and a theory test 20.25£, among others. For ...
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