How Much Is It to Get a Head Gasket Fixed on a Mazda6?


If you are lucky and there is no damage to the head or engine, it will cost between $1200-$1500 depending on the garage. This is a very complex job that requires a lot of parts that need to be removed before you can get to the head gasket.
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You can fix a head gasket by adding an engine block sealer compound to your cooling system. It is all a simple matter of draining the radiator, adding the compound and water to the
1. Flush all antifreeze out of your cooling system, and replace with water before adding sealant. If the antifreeze is fairly new, you may want to collect it in a bucket and set it
It appears that changing a head gasket on a 2003 Mazd.
This is one of those questions that is vehicle specific. It really matters on what you are replacing a head gasket as to how much it will cost. Some are rather cheap and some are
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When you replace a head gasket you will need to buy a gasket set and seals. Remove all parts around the engine head. Do not lose any bolts or small parts. The ...
To fix a blown head gasket, you will need to take everything off and around were the head is at so you can get it off. Then take the head off using the right tools ...
1. Disconnect your battery. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock. Using a wrench or screwdriver depending on your cables, disconnect the battery terminals ...
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