How Much Is It to Have a BT Phone Line?


BT line installation normally costs £127.99. However it’s possible to get BT line installation for just £29; this applies to new lines, reconnections or even having second lines fitted. This offer involves signing up for an 18 month contract, rather than the usual 12, and you'll need to make at least ten calls per month but these can be inclusive calls if you get a BT package. Either way though, the installation cost should dwarf any call costs.
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1. Verify that you are using the latest drivers for your modem. Visit the BT website (see Resources) to check your BT modem. Visit your manufacturer's website for other modems. Skip
Installing a phone line can sometimes become a task if we do not do it right. Check that your telephone connection points are all working which are provided by the service provider.
Someone can get a phone line from BT Business by going to the official BT website. There one can choose the type of phone line they want and then click the 'Order Now' link.
1. Check to see on the computer if the internet is working. If it is then there is no problem. 2. Look on the router and see if the Broadband or DSL light is solid. If it is flashing
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To report a fault, Call 15 from a BT landline or, 0800 800 151from a BT mobile. If your line goes faulty, BT makes every effort to repair it as quickly as possible ...
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